Fidgi Pen 1.0 - Rose Gold

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The Fidgi Pen is a fidget toy that is disguised as a pen. The first of its kind with 8 different features to let you fidget discreetly. For home, work or school, you can take the Fidgi Pen anywhere without anyone knowing you are fidgeting.

  • Pen- It's a writing pen with replaceable ink cartridges so you are able to use it again and again. Also equipped with the classic pen click that we all enjoy to retract the ink.
  • Spin Disk- For all you spinner fans out there, the spin disk spins as fast or as slow as you want. You can also spin the whole pen.
  • Flip Clip- The flip clip's loaded spring bar springs out when flipped it up. Push down and it locks back into place.
  • Click Switch- The click switch lets your fingers play seesaw. You can press it quick for a fast click or hold down and rock for a smooth click.
  • Rolling Ball- The rolling ball doesn't only roll, it also clicks when pressed in. So satisfying and addicting.
  • Smooth Dip- The smooth dip allows you to slide your thumb right in the groove and relax. Carved with the perfect depth for your fingers to enjoy.
  • Textured Grip- The textured grip gives a little leverage while you write. 

The Rose Gold comes in rose gold with a copper ball.